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What We Do.

The average book only sells 250 copies in its first year. So how does an author like yourself make an impact and build a real business as an author?

Rule #1: The Profits Don't Stop At Just Your Book!


We maximize profits for indie authors and publishers by teaching our cutting-edge systems for writing books and building automated marketing systems that attract more clients and boost business revenue. When we talk "bestseller" we're focused on revenue, not some list. We teach authors how to MAKE MONEY from their books. 

How We Do It.

Through an industry-proven curated mix of coaching programs, done-for-you services, learn at your own pace courses, and media programs, Indie Author PRO provides author development at all levels for the aspiring author trying to complete their first book, to the established author seeking to make more profits from their books.

Transform Your Book Into A Profitable Business In 8-Weeks

Author Accelerator Academy

This 8-week online author accelerator program is for clients who seek to launch and market their book like a PRO. Our focus is on becoming a bestselling author based on REVENUE, not a meaningless spot on some list. Through industry tested coaching and bi-weekly accountability, during this program you will master the art of book marketing. Over the course of eight weeks you will: set up the many systems necessary to successfully automate your book marketing, learn the many ways to monetize your book content, create a new media presence based on your book, create your book tour essential products, create your own online course, learn how to position yourself as an authority in your field, write your sales copy, and learn how to use your book to attract new clients and scale your business for greater growth.


    The Book Launch Mastery Program

    The done-for-you solution for clients seeking to use their books to grow and scale their business. Most authors fail to ever see significant revenue because they never get past only selling their book. Through continued support, coaching, and accountability, this program will teach you everything you need to know about using your book to build a full scale business that attracts more prospects and clients than ever before. The best part is you will walk away with your ready to launch assets built for you by our team of experts. After you learn, you’re set up to earn!


    5-Day Sold-Out Course Creator Challenge

    Are you ready to scale your business and boost your profits by

    adding online courses to your product line? Join the 5-Day Sold Out Course Creator Challenge and learn how to convert your book or message into your own high-ticket online course. Go from selling $20 books to selling $2,000 -$5,000 online courses in less than a week with the same content you already have!


    The 12-Week Indie Author PRO Incubator

    It's time to finally publish that book! If you've been talking about publishing a book for more than 6 months and still haven't done it, you're doing it all wrong! Get the live author coaching you've been looking for to take you from an unknown aspiring writer to a published Indie Author Pro. In this one-of-a-kind program, you will get live coaching on writing your book, marketing your book, and building a top-earning business with your book in just 12 weeks.

Indie Author Programs

If you are looking for coaching and guidance while completing your book and building your business, The Indie Author PRO Mastery Programs provides programs to meet your needs.

Indie Author PRO Show.

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Professional Business Builder Solutions.

You're an author. You write books. You speak on stages. You don't want to be bothered with building all the systems needed to bolster your book business. HOWEVER, your books alone aren't generating the profits they should be. So what do you do?


You hire Indie Author PRO to do the dirty work! Our done-for-you services position you and your brand to monetize your book and expertise while you focus on what you love most- writing and telling people about your book.


Schedule a discovery call today to discuss how we may be able to help you attract more clients and maximize your revenue with your book.

Media Production Services

We will shoot your author and book promo videos, produce your podcast, and produce video content that leads to massive engagement and conversion.

Sales Funnels Builder

Mistake #1 authors make is building brochure websites for their book that doesn't generate sales. We will build your book sales funnels that automate your process and generate the revenue your book should.

Online Course Production

Get your piece of the $170B+ online course market. We will record, design and build your online course and build your marketing system for you. 

Anthology Project Management

Looking to publish a book anthology but don't want the hassles of managing it? Hire us to organize, manage, and publish your next co-author anthology project.

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